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the art is pretty unique and i find it beautiful
the game itself reminded me of yume nikki but with dialogue

also the white haired person is very pretty


just came from ManlyBadassHero's gameplay, love this game! the art is soo good! would 10/10 recommend

THIS GAME IS SO GOOD:DDD I managed to get all three endings and I over all really enjoyed it. The artstyle is nice, and the story line is really interesting. 

thank you!!!

peaceful impulses is normal so i let myself driven by peaceful impulses , beauty impulses etc

Super weird, but I loved it. Nice job

thank you for playing!

such an amazing way to explore Rene Magritte's mystery!


Where to find the main ost (the one in the menu) ? 

it sounds a bit familiar. i dunno where i heard it before

There's a upload on YouTube of it

just beautiful. i love everything about this. the personality, the art, it's all just so good!

thank you so much!


I'm here from ManlyBadassHero's gameplay! This game is amazing, I love your art!

i'm so glad you liked the art! thank you!


I watched manlybadasshero's lets play on YouTube cos I dont have a windows computer, and I really like your game! I love how you referenced Rene Magritte's paintings in your game, it adds to the atmosphere. Your artwork is stunning, the way you interpreted the subjects in Magritte's paintings is very well done. 

thank you!! i'm really happy you liked our game!

I played through to get all endings and greatly enjoyed this, lovely work!


thank you so much!


really beautiful game !!

i really appreciate that! especially from you!! thank you!!


Absolutely stunning artwork! What a wierdly beautiful game.


Thank you! i'm happy i could achieve that!

Interesting game, would have enjoyed a little more content but the art work in itself was fantastic

Thank you! I would love to make longer games in the future.

Good game

Thank you for playing!